Distance Learning – Is It Right For Your Kids?

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Distance Learning is the latest craze amongst working parents, students and recently started gaining popularity amongst older folks. If you are a distance learner looking for a school to attend, it would be best if you could compare the various offers that are available so that you can pick the right one for your child. Distance Learning involves a lot of advantages for example you don’t have to commute which means you save on public transport costs, not having to buy new clothes for yourself since you will be attending class at home and you can learn at your own pace hence the quality of education is high. Apart from all these major advantages, there are also some minor ones that we should look out for before we decide to enroll our kids in a distance learning school.

As far as I can see, the main advantage of distance learning is that you can learn from your house, on your own terms and can take your job, at any time you like without having to worry about going out on any kind of date that you may not like. That’s probably one of the biggest blessings that distance learning offers over full-time teaching employees. However, there are certain disadvantages too and one of them is that it is not suitable for everybody. For instance, it is a little bit expensive. Since most people who enroll themselves are mothers, it is a common sight to see the mothers going to school with their children. If you are a full-time working mom, it may be impossible for you to go and take time off work to go to school, besides if you do take the time off, you will miss a few weeks of work and may have to go back.

So distance learning is definitely a viable option for full-time working moms but then again, for others it might not be. There are hybrid learning programs that exist such as hybrid online learning, blended learning (analog and digital) and blended learning (online and offline) or distance education programs. In hybrid learning, students interact with lecturers via the Internet and the teachers via teleconferencing but in reality they do meet in the classroom. This type of distance education is good for people who need to study in groups, are good teachers or have some time off but don’t want to have to go to a traditional college campus.

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