How Strong Is The New Apple Chip?

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The new chip has just been released and boy are they mad about it! I mean who wouldn’t, it is a brand new one from Apple themselves. Apple Computers has always been ahead of the crowd in every way, be it hardware or software. They came out with the very first laptop, then the Macbook Pro, then the iBook. With each newer generation their products become even more powerful and user friendly than the last.

If you are considering purchasing a new macbook air, check out all of the options that are available for your laptop now. With the new macbook air you can have the same great performance that you have had from the past, but now with even more power. There have been great advances over the years in chip technology, and with the new macbook air you will be getting one of the best chips on the market today. One chip in particular, the Intel Celeron Processor, has been upgraded to make your laptop run faster. With the new processors available on the apple laptop, it will be quite literally like taking your laptop in a box and plugging it into a different wall outlet. You will be amazed at how fast this thing runs.

Apple’s decision to upgrade their Mac operating system was a necessity for them, because it was time for them to move up to the next level. They have long been known for their long lasting batteries, and they needed to make sure that their machines could keep up with the increasing need for mobility. These chips, coupled with a new external battery life port, gives the user a portable powerhouse with twice the battery life of their older macbook laptops. Now you can take your work with you all around the world, without having to worry about the battery life, which has been an issue in the past.

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