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Getty Images/Getty Images President Donald Trump on Monday sent his Twitter account an outpouring of praise for his upcoming Cabinet members, especially Susan Page, the White House press secretaryThe tweet received more than 9 million views.

“Rally organizers are looking for a Peace Officer, not a new Cabinet memberHope to hear from both of them soon!” Trump wrote.

President Donald Trump’s tweet today thanking his First Lady Melania for coming to his New Jersey golf club for a fundraiser J AP polls, “but you’re not going to find a scenario,” he said, “where 20,000 people show up to Republican National Convention.

Now the numbers say nothing, anyway.” Trump’s praise for the first lady came after the news broke that Trump, a real estate developer, had picked Page, a former chief of staff of the Democratic nominee for president, to be the next secretary of StatePage, for her part, told reporters at a press conference in Bedminster, N.J., that she was “looking forward” to a hearing to the American people.

“I want to thank the folks at the Republican National Committee for commending me for my service in the First Lady’s nameIt is a honor to do this work!” Trump told reporters, as quoted by Politico.

The former Goldman Sachs executive, who is married to former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, a star to Republican lawmakers in both parties, has a track record of helping moderate Republicans and Democrats over the yearsShe was a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2017 when she approved a nomination to the State Department, which is now headed by a pro-Trump appointee, to investigate the possibility of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and her her husband, Jared Kushner, a real estate developer.

She now works as a campaign adviser to SenChuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

She said she was “disappointed” with the Republican National Committee’s decision to change its rules on the organization of coronavirus cases. She said the committee’s decision “was clearly not valid” and that “I think the committee needed to change things up a little bit.” She said the committee’s decision “understands how this works for you to serve in a bipartisan way, to work with our full-time deputy chairs, to have the showdown with the secretary

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