Meet Elite Entrepreneur, Inc. CEO, Elon Musk

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For those of you unfamiliar with the name, entrepreneur, genius, and all-around nice guy, Elon Musk was born and raised in foster care as a young child. He was adopted and spent much of his early years in foster care. The story goes that his foster parents made him promise to be a good boy, and that he was always being threatened with getting taken away from his baby sister if he did something wrong. That is what led him to focus on starting a business in space, something that had only been done by a few people before him.

A brilliant young man, elon Musk went on to create one of the first businesses focused on commercial space flight. Called Space X, the company managed to receive funding and eventually raised more than six-billion dollars in capital to launch the first of their models into space, and today they are the only two companies in the world to have a dedicated space flight program. Not only do they keep this record, they have won the space shuttle contract from NASA, and Musk wants to challenge NASA to send his reusable design concept for a cheaper model of an airplane into space. And while many are skeptical that this company can pull it off, recently they received the endorsement of none other than NASA, which saw fit to name them the “Space X Foundation’s” Space Transportation Partner of the Year.

Two and a half decades later, Musk is back with his own space-oriented company, though he calls it Space X, and though it appears that the company is moving full force into launching robotic exploratory missions to Mars and beyond, he is quick to point out that they are not in it to take over the space race. Rather, he hopes that by partnering up with NASA and others in the space industry, that they will be able to lower the cost of sending people into space, and provide a much more accessible, affordable way for people to travel to other planets. Of course, he does not want to leave NASA out of the partnership, as he says that it is the only agency that can send people to Mars, and he would join any other companies that work with NASA in developing a viable and affordable way for people to reach that destination. It also should be noted that NASA itself has been quite supportive of the S.X. vehicle and is very excited about their partnership with the company.

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